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AMEY Tree: Generations 7 to 9

    Generation 9
        AMEY/AMY, Humphrey  (1705-?)
 || m:1726 [Family 0180]
?, Susannah (?-?)
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Carter Wilson Green Blennerhassett Tribe Taylor Krebs Wägli
Crosswell Privett Schnepp Petry Dodds Smith Chinery Amey Blennerhassett Studds Mogridge Burchell Tribe Bellchambers Healey Booth Eymann
Benham Privett Schnepp Schmieden Backes Dodds Sergeant Slater Dumbrell Hoad Bellchambers Eymann Siegenthaler
  Generation 8
AMEY/AMY, Samuel  (1734-?)
 || m:1764 [Family 0179]
?, Phillipa (?-?)
  Generation 7      
  AMEY, Joseph  (1765-1840)
 || m:1784 [Family 0178]
WARREN, Rebecca (1760-1829)
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