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In compiling this genealogy I have used information from a wide variety of sources. Some of these have been transcribed and here I have tried to list the sources I have used and linked to transcriptions of some of them.

The organising of genealogical sources is a matter for lengthy debate. What follows is the organisation system that has grown out of the years I have spent collecting genealogical records.

Category Description and Examples
Vital Records (BMD) Most people are only officially recorded at 3 times in their lives: Birth, Marriage and Death. In parts of the UK official Vital (BMD) records were collected from 1837.
Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates
Census Records Technically a subset of Legal Records, these are given a category of their own because of their usefulness to genealogists.
England, Wales, Scotland etc (every 10 years from 1841, published after 100 years so available to 1911); US Federal Census (every 10 years from 1790, available to 1930); Canadian Census (nationally every 10 years from 1861, available to 1921)
Ecclesiastical Records Records collected as a result of religious activities
Christenings/Baptisms, Marriages, Burials and Monumental Inscriptions; Non-christian records; Funeral Home records.
Legal Records These are records created as a result of some legal requirement. They should include Vital Records & Census Records but these are normally considered separately due to their core importance to genalogists.
Wills & Probate records; Court & Coroner records; Immigration, Emigration and Naturalisation; Adoption & Divorce; Land, Property & Deeds; Social Security & Pension; Tax records; Voter records; Medical Records; Bills & Bank records etc.
Military Records Generated as a result of military service.
Draft/Enlistment registration; Service records; Military Pension records; Casualty Lists; Awards etc.
Organisational Records Records from non-military organisations.
Poorhouse, Workhouse, Almshouse & Asylum records; School & Alumni records; Occupation, Business & Apprenticeship records; Society and other Organsiation Records.
Published Records Records published in some form not included above.
Newspapers; Books; Directories; Telephone Books; Obituaries; Maps; Diaries, Letters & Family Bibles; Online Genealogies; Indexes etc.
Multimedia Records Non-text records
Photos; Film; Pictures; TV & Radio programmes; Oral Histories & Recordings etc.
Personal Communications When someone tells me something.
Letters; Emails; Conversations etc.
Other Anything not covered above.


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